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Battrick - the cricket manager game

Lead your team to glory!

Your Path to Glory

  • 1 Sign up for your team of cricketers
  • 2 Trade players to build your ideal team
  • 3 Develop your players into world beaters

Game Features

  • Free to play
  • First class matches
  • 50 over matches
  • 20 over matches
  • Player transfer market
  • Active forums
  • In depth statistics
  • International matches
  • U19 matches
  • 18 countries
  • Fair to all players
  • Academy player development
  • Training players
  • Manage finances
  • Grow your ground
  • Play friendlies
  • Friendly competitions
  • ... and much more

What our users say

  • Battrick has given me endless hours of enjoyment. It's an easy game to get into playing, and then so addictive that I just couldn't get enough. Highly recommend. Pob, Battrick user
  • I was looking for the ideal online cricket management game for a long time and had tried a few, but when I found Battrick my search was over. I could play all formats of cricket, and it was never too demanding on my time. And best of all it is FREE!! Woodsby Needby, Battrick user
  • The community within Battrick is superb. There is an active forum where you can get help and advice, and some of us have even got together to play some cricket in real life! Fun, friendly and addictive - I can't rate Battrick highly enough re_spite, Battrick user

Battrick - Free Cricket Manager Game

Battrick is the biggest and best free online cricket management game.

You manage a team of cricketers against other human managers from all over the world. You can log in at any time of the day, or night, to check on your club, expand the ground, buy and sell players, set match orders for upcoming matches and much, much more. Each team is involved in a limited over (50 overs) league, some countries also have a First Class (3 day) league and there is a limited overs cup tournament to compete for, too. All that and a 20 over competition thrown in for good measure! You can be sure there will be plenty to keep your interest during the Battrick week!

It is, and will always be completely free to play Battrick. Everything that you need to do to manage your side is on this site and changes take effect from the moment you give the orders. All you need is a browser. It has been designed so that you can spend as little or as much time managing your club as you wish.

So join up now and become part of the ever-growing community.