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Step 1: Select Your Country

Please select which country you would like your team to play in. This does not have to be the country from which you come from or from where you live, just the one that you feel suits you best.

One consideration is how much cricket you wish to play. Eight of the nations (Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies) play up to five days of cricket per week across all three forms of the game (First Class, One Day and Twenty20). The other nations play mainly two days per week and only play One Day and Twenty20 matches.

Remember that the games will be played at a time appropriate to that country, so take that into consideration when choosing.

Current game time: 21:54

Country Has FC? Waiting Available Match Start Time
Afghanistan No 0 616 06:00 BT time
Australia Yes 1 1883 00:30 BT time
Bangladesh No 0 616 04:00 BT time
Canada No 0 603 16:00 BT time
England Yes 0 4006 10:30 BT time
India Yes 0 906 04:30 BT time
Ireland No 0 599 11:00 BT time
Kenya No 0 612 07:00 BT time
Netherlands No 0 607 09:30 BT time
New Zealand Yes 1 1018 00:00 BT time
Pakistan Yes 0 321 05:00 BT time
Papua New Guinea No 0 604 01:00 BT time
Scotland No 0 626 10:00 BT time
South Africa Yes 0 1014 07:30 BT time
Sri Lanka Yes 0 303 05:30 BT time
United States of America No 0 590 16:30 BT time
West Indies Yes 1 1015 15:30 BT time
Zimbabwe No 0 609 08:00 BT time

Finally, before you make your choice understand that while Australia and England are the two most populated countries, you will find it more difficult to progress through the ranks due to the sheer number of more established teams. Please consider picking a smaller country, for while you may find that you progress faster you will also find yourself in a more tight-knit, often highly skilled community who are very eager to help mentor new teams in their country!

There is no restriction on being able to organise Friendly games with your friends in other countries, either!

Please note:
If you're applying from the same computer that another Battrick user uses, whether they have been allocated a team or not, you must use the contact form to contact the admin team BEFORE you apply to ensure that we do not think you are trying to get two teams!