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Battrick is the biggest and best free online cricket management game.

You manage a team of cricketers against other human managers from all over the world. You can log in at any time of the day, or night, to check on your club, expand the ground, buy and sell players, set match orders for upcoming matches and much, much more. Each team is involved in a limited over (50 overs) league, some countries also have a First Class (3 day) league and there is a limited overs cup tournament to compete for, too. All that and a 20 over competition thrown in for good measure! You can be sure there will be plenty to keep your interest during the Battrick week!

It costs you nothing to play Battrick. Everything that you need to do to manage your side is on this site and changes take effect from the moment you give the orders. All you need is a browser. It has been designed so that you can spend as little or as much time managing your club as you wish.

So join up now and become part of the ever-growing community.

Latest News

20/02/2024 - 22:21
S60 U19 World Cup Final
On Friday, Papua New Guinea will face India in the S60 U19 World Cup Final.
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01/11/2023 - 21:51
World Cup Final
Friday at 09.30 BT the final of the WC will be played between South Africa and West Indies. In this preview, we will trace their road to the final.
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13/07/2023 - 05:15
Season 58 U19 World Cup Final
Friday morning at 04.00 BT time New Zealand and India will meet in the U19 World Cup Final, it is a repeat of the U19 WC Final in season 14. In that final, played January 15 2010 it was India who won. Many seasons later the teams will meet again in the final.
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24/06/2023 - 04:26
S58 U19 World Cup
The S58 U19 World Cup will soon be underway on the dusty pitches of Bangladesh. The tournament starts on Sunday 2nd July at 04:00 BT time.
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11/04/2023 - 06:19
World Cup Hosting Rights
We would like to announce and congratulate the upcoming hosts for future World Cups.
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