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Battrick » Membership Details
Although we are committed to continue running Battrick as a free game, we do require revenue in order to maintain and improve the game. To this end we offer you, the users, the opportunity to become Battrick Members. While membership does not and will never give any advantages in the game itself, it does offer a large number of additional features designed to enhance your playing experience.


Here's a brief run through of the features you will receive:
  • Alliances - Join and/or create up to five of these user-run groups, each with their own sledging board.
  • Competitions - The ability to create up to three competitions and compete in as many competitions as you like
  • Club Logo & Colours - Display a picture or crest of your choice on your pavilion page and in MultiView and choose what colours your players will be wearing on the field.
  • Diary - More diary entries are displayed - makes it easier to track when you listed a player, or ordered ground construction, or won prize money etc.
  • Franchises - The ability to run a franchise team in another country in addition to your normal team. See the Rules for more information.
  • Guestbook - Banter between each other from the comfort of your Pavilion pages.
  • Notepad - An easy accessible and private space to store your thoughts on anything you wish.
  • Player Faces - Ever wondered what your club stalwart looks like? You can find out now.
  • Player Notes - Storing training pops, best pitch type or aggressiveness, or anything else for each player.
  • Preferences - Members get more preferences about how Battrick is displayed for them. Options include being able to show or hide various boxes, enable or disable certain colours, and keep your online status public or private.
  • Press Announcements - Keep people informed of the latest ongoings at your club.
  • Retain team past seven weeks of inactivity - Non-members lose their team if they don't log into their account for seven weeks. For members however, this seven week counter doesn't start ticking until their membership has expired, meaning that if you're going away (travelling etc) and won't have access to Battrick, then your account and team is safe.
  • Shortcuts - Add up to 100 easily accessible links to players, teams, matches, and your friends. Makes navigating Battrick that little bit quicker.
  • Sledging Features - Set a personalised message of up to four lines of text that will appear at the bottom of every post you make in Battrick's Sledging Forums. Ever been annoyed by someone's sledging posts? You'll be able to ignore them with the Ignore button. Or track your favourite users with the Favourite Sledging Poster shortcut.
  • Squad Numbers - Allocate shirt numbers, enabling you to order your squad page however you wish.
  • Squad Sorting - Increase the number of sortable attributes from six to 19 and use the same 19 attributes for secondary sorting too.
  • Statistics - You'll have enough facts & figures to keep any statto entertained, with summaries of batsmen's innings, your club's playing staff, club records, ground bests and the top performances in Battrick worldwide.
  • Stored Commentary - Access the ball by ball commentary of any of your games from the last 12 months after the action has finished.
  • Support Clubs - You can show your allegiance to up to ten clubs by supporting them and also see who is cheering you on!
  • Ticker Improvements - In addition to the information already supplied to you via our blue banner you'll be informed of new BT-Mails as they arrive and when any users you are supporting log on.
  • Training Tracker - It's easier to track improvements in your players' skills with Membership. Pops (improvements in skills) are highlighted in green on the player details page, and recent pops are recorded.
  • Transfer Market - Saved searches: Membership gives you the ability to save ten transfer market searches. If you have a pressing need for a Superb batsman with Superb concentration, you can check every time you log in without having to edit all the search fields. Plus, pages showing the 25 Most Recent Transfers, and the 25 Most Expensive Transfers This Week.
  • Trophies - If you've won anything, then the appropriate trophy is proudly displayed on your pavilion page.

Free Week of Membership

At the end of your first four weeks playing Battrick, we give you a free week of membership, just to give you a taster of what you can get for your money - try before you buy. If you would like to sign up for membership, you can do so by following the link on the right.


Membership currently costs £25 for a year, or £7.50 for three months, depending on what period you sign up for. If you are already a member, you can use the same link to extend your membership - any additional time purchased will be added on to the remaining time of your existing subscription. You are also able to purchase membership for another user; it makes an ideal gift for any Battrick devotee.


The membership package is a part of the playing experience that we are constantly looking to improve. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see added to the package, then please post on the Dev Ideas sledging board.


If you have any problems with Membership (be it with its activation or anything else) then please contact us at Please include your Team ID (Number next to your team name), user name and details regarding your problem in your e-mail.