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While Battrick was initially created by BT-allanfc (who remains head developer), the day-to-day running and development of the site is very much a team effort. The BT Admin Team are group of responsible and respected players who have been appointed to ensure the smooth running of the game, prevent cheating and resolve user issues. They are volunteers who provide their time free of charge purely to help Battrick.

Here's a summary of the four roles the team is split into, as identified by the prefix to their username:

Prefix Role Description
MOD Sledging Board Moderators As the name suggests, these individuals are those primarily responsible for the moderation of the sledging boards, enforcing the sledging rules. They also help with the handling of user-submitted commentary during the closed season.
GM Gamemasters The Gamemasters do the majority of the administration of Battrick which includes processing applications, acting on user correspondence and investigating & penalising cheating.
COM Communication Officers Users with this role are Gamemasters whose chief responsibility is communication between the Admin Team & the userbase, including keeping the BTs up to speed with the important issues of the day.
BT Developers The BTs are the developers of Battrick who focus on development of new features and bug fixing, leaving the day to day admin to the other three groups.

If required the Gamemasters have the power to penalise and even disqualify people who they believe guilty of cheating or violating the site's rules of conduct. If this should happen to you and you believe you have been unjustly penalised you have a right to try and explain your case. This will then be discussed within the GM team and you will be informed of their decision, but like umpires on the cricket pitch, their decision will be final. While you may enquire as to why you have been penalised, it is not the Gamemasters duty to account for all their evidence. If they always revealed their methods of catching cheaters, these approaches would be negated and discovering cheating would be much harder in the future to the detriment of all users who play the game.

The Admin Team have the authority to issue several different forms of penalties, from in-game fines to your club, to complete suspension from the game. Violations of the sledging board rules can also result in these penalties as well as bans from the forums for varying length.

The BTs rely on and fully support the Admin Team. The GMs discuss the principles of preventing cheating with us on a regular basis, but we never involve ourselves in specific cases. The users appointed to the Admin Team are people we have whole-hearted confidence in.

As well as the official roles, we also have some semi-official roles, and some non-official roles.

The Editors don't currently have a prefix, but they are responsible for approving and rejecting the lines of commentary that users have submitted, and also for improving the quality and accuracy of the player names database. We currently have three Editors, with another 3 users who only deal with the player names.

How can I become a member of the BT Admin team?
We do not accept applications but instead, when needed, choose individuals known to us as helpful and responsible users. This simply involves being an active user who abides by the rules, but there are two particular ways you can show your support:

  • Actively posting on the Sledging Boards - Posting thoughtful and articulate responses in a friendly manner towards other users
  • Submitting Cheat Reports - Sending in accurate and informative cheat reports via the Cheat Report Form
While following these points obviously does not guarantee that you will be offered an admin post, you will have our utmost gratitude for your positive contribution to Battrick.

How do I contact the BT Admin team?

For details on what to do if you have a bug to report or an idea you'd like to submit please see the FAQs.

If you have another issue or query which needs the attention of the admin team, please use the form found under Help > Contact Us - DO NOT use an Admin Team Members BT-Mail for such correspondence. As mentioned above, if you believe you have come across an instance of cheating please use the dedicated form.