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7. Backroom Staff

In your club info, you can find details of all your backroom staff. You are able to hire or fire these staff at your discretion from here. Before you do though, it may be useful to understand what each one will do for you.

Image showing list of backroom staff
An example of hired backroom staff from the Club Info page.

The following are involved in improving the physical attributes and technical skills of your players (Stamina, Batting, Bowling, Keeping and Fielding). You can read more on how training is organised in the Nets section.

Bowling Coaches are specialist coaches for bowlers. Each bowling coach will provide you with one bowling training spot for the week.

Batting Coaches are specialist coaches for batters. Each batting coach will provide you with one batting training spot for the week.

Fielding Coaches are specialist coaches for fielding. Each fielding coach will provide you with one fielding training spot for the week.

Keeping Coaches are specialist coaches for wicket keepers. Each keeping coach will provide you with one keeping training spot for the week.

Stamina Coaches are specialist coaches for all player's stamina. Each stamina coach will provide you with one stamina training spot for the week.

There is no limit as to how many of each of these coaches you can hire, but there is a limit as to their effectiveness.

Image showing a section of the Club Info page where you can hire and fire staff
From the Club Info page, you can hire and fire all of the different types of backroom staff.

As there are only 10 training spots available each week it would be pointless to hire more than a total of 10 of the five types of coaches listed above. If you do you are only able to use the first 10 hired, the remainder merely sitting around to collect their wages!

Generally coaches will be as effective as each other, but there is a situation where this isn't the case. Again you can read about this in the Nets section.

The other types of staff you can recruit are as follows:

Sports Psychologists - multipurpose specialists. They will help with your teams morale, keeping it up even when you are losing. They are also used in conjunction with the bowling, batting, wicket keeping and fielding coaches to help improve the concentration and consistency of your players being trained. Sports psychologists help all players in your squad to maintain their levels of concentration and consistency, including those players not being trained, at least until the inevitable effects of age start to take hold.

Every sports psychologist you hire attends every net where a player can receive training in concentration and/or consistency. For more details see the Nets section

PR Officers - these chaps (and chapesses) are the voice of your club. They will woo the sponsors and help keep your club high profile, all with the intention of improving the mood of your sponsors, simply so that they give you more money.

Financial Advisers - they can help you with the management of your club finances. If you are in debt, they can help arrange a lower interest rate. Similarly, if you have money in the bank, Financial Advisers will invest it wisely (and safely!) and you will receive interest.

For these staff members, the more you hire, the less effective the additional staff will be. (ie the second coach hired will not add as much benefit as the first, nor the third as much as the second, and so on.)

In terms of cost, coaches will collect a salary of £2,500 each per week, whilst the others will only ask for £1,500 each per week.

Finally, if you decide you have too many of any of these fellows around, then you are free to terminate their contract, although you will have to give them a redundancy payment to the value of a weeks wages.

However when in debt, the bank will allow you to fire coaches as they see this as down-sizing your company thus saving money in the long-term. But they will not allow you to hire any coaches even if you will be in credit after the next financial update. They do not take current sales into consideration. If you do try to hire coaches during these times then there will be a diary entry, but they will not arrive nor will you be charged the £1,500 or £2,500.