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5. Preferences

This is where you can change your user information. It is highly recommended that you visit this page immediately after first logging in to change your password to something you are more likely to remember! You can also edit your user name (in Week 1 only after the first Financial update) and e-mail address here, and specify a homepage (a link to which will appear on your Pavilion page).
Additionally you can also control how some of the site will appear to you by editing these options:
  • Use Floating Menu - This allows you to turn off and on the feature where the menu will stick to the top of your browser screen when you scroll down a long page.
  • Show Enhanced Menu Items - This feature, when enabled, shows a tertiary menu on certain menu items that adds quicker linking to certain areas, eg Squad leads to all your players being linked from the menu.

Users who have signed up to our Membership program also have some of their options here:
  • Logo - This is where you enter the web address (URL) of the image you would like displayed on your Pavilion page. The graphic will need to be hosted on the internet for you to do this; there are many websites offering free image hosting, Photobucket being an example. If your host is being reported as a malware site, we will ask you to find a different host for the same image. Large logos will automatically be scaled down on your team page.
  • Please note that offensive logos are not allowed and users can be banned from the game for displaying such an image.
  • Gravatar E-mail Address - An avatar is an icon used to identify an individual. Gravatar is a system which allows you to easily use one single image on many sites without the hassle of setting it up each time, and BT is one of them!
  • Simply register on the Gravatar site, follow the approval process and then enter your registered e-mail in the box on the preferences page. Your Gravatar will now appear alongside your user name in posts made in other people's guestbooks.
  • Player Faces - Each player in Battrick is an individual. Members can view the faces of any player in Battrick, and have their player's faces displayed on the squad page. If you have very ugly players, or for any other reason, you can turn off player faces using this option.
  • Status Box - On the news page, a box on the left gives you info on the number of people on line, and the latest Twitter and Admin blog posts. Unchecking this option ensures that box is not shown.
  • National/U19s box - On the news page, a box on the left gives you the latest news and press releases from your national and U19 sides. There are also links to the last completed match, and if the link is bold, the link is to a match currently in progress! If your national side is not of interest to you, and you don't want the box, you can toggle it on/off from here. When enabled, you can choose which country's news you want to view.
  • Latest Events - Your way of knowing which of the daily or weekly updates has been processed recently. Unchecking the option hides this box.
  • Sledging Link Icons - Enabling this adds small icons to most ofthe link types on the forums, allowing them to be easily distinguished.
  • Coloured Fixtures. - Colour-codes the fixture results.
  • Online Status Indicators - If you have this enabled, then small green dots appear next to usernames in some places, to indicate that the user has been active within the last ten minutes.
  • Show your online status to others - The online list shows you every player currently logged into Battrick, so you can see who is about. It's sortable by country, and you can see which country has the most players logged in, The link to this is available from the front page. The online list is a excellent place to find people to challenge for friendly matches. As some users prefer to not be seen to be online, members have the option of hiding from this list. When disabled, the online status indicator will also not appear to others for you.
  • Own Squad Sorting Order - Although many members order their squad via the use of shirt numbers, others want to order by something a bit more, like fitness or form. With the Primary and Secondary dropdowns, members can choose what is the default order when viewing their own squads.