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21. Franchises

A franchise is another team that is directly linked to your account but it runs independently from your main team. The franchise team will have its own set of players, income, members, nets etc and effectively run as a separate team. You will not be allowed to trade between the two teams, they must run totally independently.

The option to create a franchise team is available to all members. To apply for a franchise team, select the Office option under the Main menu. Non-members do not get this option. If the franchise team goes bankrupt, it will close and you will not be allowed to start a new franchise team for eight weeks. If the main team goes bankrupt, the franchise team will also be lost.

In order to manage the two teams, you will need to swap between them to take control of one team at a time. To select the team you are currently managing, you can make your selection from the Office page under the Main menu, or more conveniently, by simply clicking on your team name in the banner, just under the Battrick logo.

There are a few additional rules for franchises:
  • The franchise team must be in a different country to the main team
  • The franchise team will not have any voting privileges in NT/U19 manager elections
  • The main team will not be allowed to emigrate to the same country as the franchise team
  • The franchise team will not be allowed to emigrate to the same country as the main team
  • The main team must maintain membership to keep the franchise team. If membership runs out and is not resumed within two weeks, the franchise team will be lost