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Battrick » Rules

20. Personal Behaviour

Please also note that you are the manager of your team. No-one else is allowed to access it, not even close friends or family. We also do not allow managers to buy players from family or friends' teams or from teams who share the same computers or IP addresses. If you are accessing your team from a computer used by a fellow Battrick user then please contact us, naming all individuals involved. While you are most welcome to play Battrick in that situation, any transfers between these teams and your own will be in breach of the rules and severely punished.

Over-inflated sales will be thoroughly checked by the Admin team and may be adjusted after they complete.

If for whatever reason you do wish to leave the game, it is not permitted to hand your team over to anyone else as this would be unfair to users who are on the waiting list waiting for a team. Simply stop logging into the game and after seven weeks of inactivity your team will be deleted.

Battrick reserves the right to refuse applications or to remove users from the game. Reasons for removal include:

  • Running multiple teams
  • Sharing login details with other users or logging into another's account
  • Arranging for friends or family to buy your players at inflated prices
  • Match fixing
  • Abusive actions or language to other users or game staff such as making racist or personal attacks; attacks on a specific nation or religion, homophobic comments or any form of offensive discrimination
  • Attempting to disrupt the normal running of Battrick
  • Encourage cheating within the game or expose any methods of exploiting any game bugs
  • Any attempts to circumvent the Battrick systems (including editing of URLs)
  • Breaking the Sledging rules, (as outlined within Sledging)
  • Any illegal activities, such as promoting criminal activities or the use of illegal goods or substances, (drugs) or passing on illegal software (piracy) or CD-keys to such games/software
  • Masquerading as a member of the Admin Team (using BT, GM, COM or MOD in your username)
  • Anything detrimental to the gaming experience of other users
  • All other forms of cheating
In addition, you may not navigate Battrick via any means other than using a web browser or WAP/cellphone to click the links within the site. Changing URLs in the address field of your browser is forbidden, as is using other programs to scan Battrick, change information or navigate through data.

However we do not limit our reasons for removing users to these criteria and reserve the right to adapt them as circumstances dictate. Decisions to remove users from the game are not taken lightly and are discussed among several members of the GM team who are regulated to ensure that they act responsibly.

The Admin team may also penalise teams or users for minor offences such as BT-Mail spam, misuse of Press Releases, Guestbook entries and offensive ground/team names etc., advertising items or services you wish to buy/sell/trade in real life, accusing other users of cheating, (contact the GMs instead) or discussing decisions taken by GMs and/or moderators and these penalties include, (but are not restricted to) official warnings, Sledging bans and monetary fines.

You are asked to:
  • Read the game rules and FAQ before asking for help in the Newbie Questions board in Sledging, (do not use the GM Contact page!)
  • Remember this is a game for all ages and minors might read what you write
  • Be respectful of other people; let's all try and get along
  • If you suspect someone of cheating please Contact the GMs
  • If you find a bug please post details of it on the Bug Reports board in Sledging, (do not use the GM Contact page unless the bug could be used to exploit a loophole or cheat)
Battrick wish to assure users that it is the duty of the Admin Team to ensure that this remains a fun and fair game for users of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds and punishments are only handed out in circumstances where individuals are not respecting that.