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19. Player Transfers

The Transfer Market is where you can buy and sell players. Maybe you have trained a young star and want to reap the cash rewards for your efforts. Or maybe you need an all-important batter to secure your cup or league ambitions and bolster your team in weaker areas.

Buying Players

To buy a player you must have sufficient funds in your bank account. Whilst the bank lends up to £350,000 in an overdraft facility, they will only allow up to £150,000 of the overdraft to finance a new player for your team. For the purpose of buying players, the bank will also allow you to access funds placed in bids on players that you are currently selling.

The transfer market on Battrick is a global run society with hundreds of players available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can narrow your search down by using the separate skill search boxes to help find that all-important new player. They may not always be on the market but keep trying every few days and maybe a player will match your criteria.

Image showing the transfer search feature
The search feature allows you to narrow your focus on the Transfer Market page.

Using the searches is also a valuable way to compare prices for your own players and to find out how much a certain player is likely to cost if you were to sell them. Look for players on the market with similar skills and follow their transfer closely. This is a very efficient way for Player Valuations.

Image showing some results from the transfermarket
Some transfer market search results.

Once you have bought a player, their contract tells them and you that they must be a part of your team for 42 days before they can be transfer listed again.

If you decide that you no longer want to sell a player that you have listed, then you can bid to buy them back. The downside is that the deal will be treated as a proper transfer in all respects, i.e. You will have to pay the 5% selling fee, they will have a 42 day contract and you will lose any nets you might have had on them (they will be treated as a new player).

Please note: When buying players on a Saturday morning to quickly put them into nets, check which country they are travelling from. Players who are arriving from a country who have already had their training updates will not benefit from any nets given to them with their new team.

ie: Player A currently plays in Australia and is listed for a Saturday 09:00 deadline. User B from England buys him. Player A has already received their training updates from their Australian team and won't be available for nets with their new England team until the following week. You may be able to select them for nets straight after their transfer, but they won't benefit from them.

Selling Players

When you finally decide that you no longer need a player then you can list them on the transfer market. There are two charges that may be payable when you sell a player.

- A listing fee of 5% of the reserve price of the player up to a maximum amount of £80,000. If your player sells 80% of the fee will be refunded meaning that you effectively pay 1%.

- If the player sells then a 5% agent's fee on the total sale price is payable. There are no agents fees payable if the player does not sell.

When you list your player, there is a confirmation box. Once you confirm this and accept to place your player on the market that is it, this cannot be undone. Your player will be on the Transfer Market for 3 days (72 hours from listing) for them to generate interest and have bids placed on him.

The bidding system on Battrick works like this: The highest bidder when the bidding time has elapsed wins the player. Any bids within the last 3 minutes of the players transfer time increases the bidding time by three minutes so it is not always worthwhile jumping in at the last moment to try and win with a late bid. If a team raises your bid, there will be a new note on the Main -> News. It is very important to keep an eye on this when trying to buy a player.

Your Behaviour

From time to time the Admin team may have cause to cancel, reverse or adjust transfers or act in individual ways which are appropriate to individual cases.

The Admin team keep a watchful eye on the Transfer Market to make sure that all users benefit from the market equally. If we believe that some users are taking advantage of other users then the Admin team will intervene, Battrick does not allow over-priced transfers and these can be amended or reversed. Nor is it permitted to BT-mail any other user advertising players, this is regarded as Spam which can lead to punishments.

If any users think they have spotted anything they think needs alerting then please notify the Admin team through the correct channels.

Please also note that you are not allowed to use the BT-Mail system to send unsolicited mails to any user regarding players you may be selling or that you may wish to sell. We regard this as spam and you are very likely to receive a fine when caught.

Remember, the transfer market is an open auction where anyone is permitted to place bids. BT-mails to other managers asking them to stop bidding are against the spirit of the game and will be acted upon if reported.