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17. International Teams

International matches are played between teams representing Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, England, India, Ireland, Kenya, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Scotland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United States of America, West Indies and Zimbabwe. Each of these countries is represented by a National squad (from Season 18 for new countries) and an Under 19 squad.

World Cups are alternated each season between the National teams and the U19 teams and at the end of each World Cup the manager of that season's campaign can either step down or run for re-election. The winning manager of the election shall reign as manager for the whole length of their campaign which is 2 seasons (32 weeks). New nominees should be very aware of this contract as it is binding and release from National Manager duties will not be approved.

Every season, the usership of the country get to decide who will take charge of their National teams for the coming 32 weeks by way of an election, (see below for election rules). The games are currently limited to One Day Internationals (ODI) and are played on Sundays and Mondays, as indicated on the calendar.

While only players that are 19 or younger are able to represent the U19 side, any player is eligible to play for their national side. The national manager will be able to see all of a players skills once they have been added to the squad, but only while they are in the squad. There is a limit of 22 players to the squad size so the manager will have to choose carefully to ensure that he has the right players in the right form at the right time. When players are dropped from the side, the National/U19 team morale will suffer as players become anxious about their places.

When a player is called up to the national side, they will spend about half of their Sundays and Mondays with the national squad. This means that they are not available for Cup or Friendly matches on any Sunday or Monday while they are on national team duties. The national squads are locked from Saturday 23:30 BT time to Tuesday 00:00 BT time every week, which means that national managers cannot call up or drop players during this time. NT/U19 managers must contact club managers to ask permission before calling up a player to a NT/U19 squad. If the club manager makes it clear that they do not want their player called up, then the NT/U19 manager cannot call up the player. Note: If a club manager purchases a player who is a current member of a NT/U19 squad, then NT/U19 manager does not need to ask permission to keep the player in the squad. The club manager cannot demand that the player be released.

Any of your players playing in a national squad will still receive training as normal and will receive a subsidy towards their wages for any week in which they play in a representative game. This subsidy will be paid out during the New Zealand Daily Updates on a Thursday (18:00 BT time). This will be paid to all nations at the same time each week, and is equal to 2/3 of the player's weekly wage. (Note: The subsidy is paid to the manager who owns the player at the time the subsidy is paid).

Although all ODIs played outside of a world cup are classed as friendlies, they count as full international matches and will count towards a teams ranking points. At the start of Battrick, all teams had the same ranking points. As more games have been played, these points have changed to show the leading International side.

International players who belong to a managed side can be released once their initial six week contract is complete or at any time after this. When an international player is released by their club manager, they will be placed in a holding team. Whilst in the holding team, they will not be selected for any club matches but will drop to fresh PFL and worthless form at the next daily update. Players will be part of this holding team for two weeks only. During this time, their international manager has 10 days where they can request them to be listed. If they do not sell, then at the end of the two weeks, they will retire from the game. The player cannot be listed a second time.

Please also note that a club manager who releases an International player to the holding team cannot bid on them. This includes bidding with their other team, as this is considered to be a breach of the rules relating to transfers between main and franchise teams.

International players who belong to teams that go bot will be eligible for release after they have played three games for their current international side (ie three games for the U19s does not make a player eligible for release if he is in the full side) and only at the request of their current international manager, who must contact the game staff using the Contact Us option under the Help menu. This only applies to players that are current members of National/U19 teams, players who are members of a bot team are not eligible to be called up for international duty. Please note that a player will not be listed at a requested time but rather when an Admin member can action the request. Players will be listed at an initial price of one week's wages. Players will only be listed once. If they fail to sell, they will stay with their bot team until it is reset at which time they will retire from the game.

We have been investigating the birth certificates of all player's parents and grandparents, and it turns out that some players have a second nation that they are eligible to play for apart from their nation of birth. This will show up in their page under second nationality. Additionally, we have decreed that if a player spends five seasons in the same club in another country, he will become eligible to play for that country in International matches. This will automatically show up on a player's page as an adopted nation. However, when a player has played an International match for either the U19 or full national sides of any of their eligible countries, they will only be eligible to play for that country.

Election rules

All election candidates must abide by the following rules:

1) No Spamming

Soliciting votes via BT-mail is absolutely forbidden. Doing so may lead to disqualification for candidates.

2) No Thread Bumping

If your thread is falling from prominence, tough. Try to make a good impression while it lasts.

3) No Cross-Thread Campaigning

Campaigning in another candidate's election thread, or barracking for a rival candidate you support, is forbidden. Messages will be deleted and the perpetrators may be banned from Sledging.

Candidates would be advised to avoid posting in rivals' threads at all. Should you do so, be careful that your post is polite, and a relevant enquiry rather than self-promotion in whatever guise. The judgement of the Admin Team is final.

If a candidate is disqualified from an election for breaking election rules then that disqualification covers all countries in that current election. They may campaign for a position in the following season's elections.

4) Registering candidacy

Registration opens at 06:00 on Friday in Week 1 and closes at 06:00 on Friday in Week 2. You can only be registered for one election at a time. You can only hold one international job at a time. For more details, please see the Elections page in each Country Details.

Regarding non-candidates:

1. No commentary on threads. Either ask a question of the candidate, or don't post.
2. No bumping your "preferred" candidates thread with meaningless posts saying you like them or such.
3. Keep the comments relevant to the person whose thread you are posting in. Do not comment on other candidates in their thread.

How to vote

Votes can be placed by going to Global>Country Details>Elections>Current Elections and select whomever you wish to vote for. We ask you to vote sensibly as the winner will be responsible for your National or U19 team for the next two seasons.

Tied election

Should two or more candidates tie for first place in an election, then the user who has been playing Battrick for the longest will be declared the winner. In the unlikely event that two managers joined on the same day, then the user with the lowest userID will win.

Assistant Manager

Either during the election campaign or immediately after the election, all elected managers must nominate a person to be an official Assistant Manager. The GMs will send a message to nominated Assistant Managers, asking them to confirm that they are willing to act in this position.

An elected manager cannot resign from a NT or U19 manager position. If at any time the elected manager does not login for two weeks, then the Assistant Manager can act in his/her place until the elected manager returns or until the elected manager leaves Battrick. The Assistant Manager would have no direct control over the team, but instead would submit orders through Contact Us to the GMs.

If the elected manager leaves Battrick (eg turns bot), then the Assistant Manager is installed as the official manager as soon as possible.