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14. Country Moves

Can I move my team to another country?

At the end of the season, any team can apply to move to another country. Your team will move into the bottom FC (if applicable) and OD divisions in the new country. (A bot team will swap places with you, moving into the leagues you occupy in your current country). As BT20 is a global format, your BT20 league will not change - you will simply remain in the same BT20 league.

The option to move is made through the emigration application page. Applications to move to another country open on Monday of Week 16 and close on Monday of Week 1 in the new season. At the close of the application period, the finances of all teams applying to move will be checked, and if the team can afford the cost of the move, then it will be moved on Wednesday of Week 1, when the new leagues are formed.

The following are the costs of moving:
  • All players go with you but you will lose 30% of your Club Members
  • You will get a new ground at default newbie size
  • You will be charged either four weeks salary or 10% of your current bank balance, whichever is the greater. This cost will be calculated using the values from your Week 1 Financial Statement and will be deducted from your account at the time of the move.
(Note: If you intend to buy or sell players to reduce your wage bill or bank balance, then the players need to be sold before the Financial Update, otherwise your emigration costs will include the pre-transfer wages or bank balance).

Can I move my franchise team to another country?

You can move your franchise team to another country. The conditions and costs of moving are the same as outlined above, but there are some other factors to consider:
  • Your main team and your franchise team cannot be in the same country at the same time
  • You will be able to move both your main team and your franchise team in the same season, but a team cannot move to a country that is being vacated by the other team (as it is not possible for the two teams to be in the same country at the same time, even if it is only for a few seconds). If you want to do a direct swap of your two teams, then you may need to make multiple moves over two or more seasons.
  • If one team can afford the cost of emigration but the other team cannot, then the move of the first team will go ahead but the other team will remain in their current country. They will be able to re-apply the following season.

Is there a subsidy for playing in a country that does not have First Class (FC) matches?

For any team that moves to a country that does not have FC leagues, there will be a subsidy paid in lieu of playing FC matches. The subsidy is based on your OD division and is payable at the following rates:
  • Division 1: £138,500 per week
  • Division 2: £110,500 per week
  • Division 3: £83,000 per week
  • Division 4: £55,000 per week
The subsidy is paid in all 16 weeks of the season, and not just the weeks where FC matches would have been played.