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12. Fans & Sponsors

These are two important aspects of the game that will have a large bearing on how successful your club is financially, as the majority of your income will come from either your sponsors or gate receipts. You can follow their weekly income on the finance page and their mood on the club info page.

Fans are particularly fickle. If you are winning games they are happy, but if you are losing, then their mood can quickly change for the worse. When success is in the air more people will be willing to part with their cash to bask in your hard earned success, while on the flipside pretty much only the diehard fans will turn out for games if you are on a poor run. During the off-season, it is not unusual for some fans to lose interest and leave, but they will usually return once the new season starts and you start winning matches again.

These fans are your club members, who have paid up as a show of loyalty to your club and will turn out to support you through thick and thin. The amount of club members you have is a good indicator as to how many supporters you are likely to see turning up to your matches. But even these members will come and go depending on your successes in the middle.

Image showing the number of Sponsors' and their confidence
The Sponsors' and Members' confidence on the Club Info page can often change.

Sponsors are more concerned with the image of the club. This has more to do with how good a job your PR officers are doing and how high up the league structure your club is. Keep the sponsors happy, and the money will keep coming in.

Promotion Bonus
If you promote in any format then you can expect a sudden influx of new members, keen to jump on your bandwagon. The increase in members will depend on the division you are promoting from, as indicated in the following table:

Div IIDiv I3%3%3%
Div IIIDiv II3%3%3%
Div IVDiv III4%4%4%
Div VDiv IV5%5%5%
Div VIDiv V6%6%6%
Div VIIDiv VI7%-7%
Div VIIIDiv VII8%--
Div IXDiv VIII9%--
Div XDiv IX10%--