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10. Finance

The finance page lets you keep track of how you are spending and making money each week.

Each week, there is a financial update where the monies owed to you, and the monies that you are due to pay, are credited to and debited from your account. The balance shown at the top is how much money you had in the bank immediately after the last financial update, while the figure in brackets is the amount of money you will have in your account after the next financial update if you make no more transactions before then.

All transactions that take place during the week are added to the profit/loss account shown and the balance figure in brackets is updated accordingly.

This is what each of the areas of the profit/loss sheet contain:

Gate Receipts - Any income due from matches played during the week. See the Ground section for details of how this is calculated.

Sponsors - This amount will depend on how good your relations with your sponsors are, your position within the league, and how high your league is.

Interest - If you have money in the bank at the last financial update, and you have hired a financial advisor, you can earn interest. You can increase the rate of interest by hiring more financial advisors. There is a maximum of 80 000 per week that you can receive in interest.

Miscellaneous - Simply contains everything else that you can gain money from such as sales of players (less 5% sales tax) and prize money.

Ground Maintenance - Although your groundskeeper will only take a small salary, they will have costs for the week and not only in the preparation of the wicket, but to maintain the spectator areas. Details of spectator area costs are given in the ground section.

Salaries - All your players need to be paid, and this is where that cost will show.

Interest - Like with good interest, if you had an overdraft at the last financial update, then you will have to pay interest on that money. Any financial advisors may be able to help get a better rate though.

Miscellaneous - Any other costs incurred during the week show up here, including firing backroom staff, promoting from the academy and buying players.

Staff Costs - Any costs for your backroom staff (trainers, psychologists, etc) goes here.

Costs for Youth Academy - Showing the level of investment into your youth academy.

We have made a small change to the way that the game deals with bankruptcy that has been implemented with immediate effect.

Rather than warnings and reprievals being issued only at financial updates, you will now receive an immediate bankruptcy warning if any transaction drops your balance below the warning limit of -£350,000 and you will then have 14 days from that point to get your balance back above -£350,000.

As soon as any transaction brings you back above that level, you will receive notice that bankruptcy has been avoided.

However, if by the end of the 14th day, you have not managed to get your balance back above -£350,000 then the bank will take control of the team and you will be locked out. At that point, if you wish to apply for a new account, you will need to serve a waiting period of two weeks.

If your franchise team is declared bankrupt, then it will turn bot instantly. Your main team and your login privileges are not affected. If you wish to start a new franchise team, you will need to wait eight weeks before applying for a new team.

Members please note: Battrick Membership does not protect you from bankruptcy. Should a Member go bankrupt and fail to bring their team out of debt before the time limit then their account will lock and will eventually become a bot, as with any other user. Should this happen then you will lose your account, like anyone else.

The consequences of bankruptcy are very serious, so please be very, very careful about debt. Bankruptcy warnings are very visible and should be taken seriously. Please do not leave it until the last minute to take action.

In particular, please note the following:
  • If you need to sell players, then they need to be listed no later than the Wednesday, at least 72 hours before your financial update. (You should allow extra time in case a last minute bidding war extends the transfer past the financial update).
  • When selling players to avoid bankruptcy, the bank will only count the funds once the transfer has completed. They will NOT take bids placed into account for the purpose of avoiding bankruptcy.
  • If you only have 14 players in your squad, then you will not be able to sell any players. You can, however, promote one player each week through your Youth Academy, which would allow you to sell a more valuable player in order to clear your debt.

Bankruptcy Extensions
It is not possible to extend the bankruptcy deadline - the locking of your account is an automated process that cannot be altered by the GMs. However, if you send a message to the GMs through the Contact Us link, then we may be able to review your situation after the account has been locked. (For example, if you sold players after the deadline and as a result you are now no longer in debt).

Please note that we cannot grant extensions for franchise teams - these teams will turn bot instantly if they become bankrupt. We cannot restore a franchise team once it turns bot.

Overdraft and Buying Players
Although there is the large overdraft facility available, you can only use the first £150,000 to buy players with. Once below that level, you will not be allowed to buy players. When determining your balance for the purpose of buying players, the bank will not only look at the state of your current balance, they will also take into account any players that you currently have bids on and/or players that you are selling and have received offers for.