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3. Newbie Guides/Articles.

First thing you should do is join the Newbies Board where you can find answers to most questions you may have. To join the Newbie Board follow this procedure:

1. Use the drop down menu at the left of the sledging page. Select New Messages.
2. After selecting new messages a drop down menu "Join New Sledging Board" will appear in the centre of the page. Select "Other" from this menu.
3. After selecting "Others" a series of sledging boards will appear in the drop down menu. Select "Newbie Questions".
4. Click on the "Join Newbie Questions Sledging Board" link.
5. You have now joined the Newbie Questions Board.

There are a few Newbie Guides and articles floating around written by dedicated BT users. Here are a few:

Newbie Guide written by Galstaf

Help Sites.