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2. Sledging Recommendations.

First of all, it's probably worth explaining that sledging is a cricketing term for banter on the pitch, and in Battrick, it's what we call our forums.

Image showing how to access the Sledging Rules
The Sledging Rules can be accessed by the dropdown on the Sledging page.

1. Read the game rules. Most of the answers to your questions will be found in the various sections of the rules.
2. Make sure you read the sledging rules so as not to incur the wrath of your fellow users and the admins! These can be found in the drop down menu on the left of the sledging page.
3. Only press the post message button ONCE. Your message will always be posted if you click the post message button no matter what error or timeout you may see. This avoids duplicate threads being posted.
4. To join new boards go to the drop down menu on the left (most likely displaying new messages) and select "All Boards". All the boards you have joined so far will be displayed on the left whilst on the right there will be a new drop down menu under the title "Join New Sledging Board". You can use this drop down menu to join new sledging boards.
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