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Bot Teams.

What is a bot team and how do I recognise one?
A "bot team" is one not controlled by a human manager. A team is either created as a bot or has been turned into a bot after the previous manager failed to login after 7 weeks. There are two types of bot teams neither of which will have a General Manager when you visit the pavilion page:

1. A Complete Bot - a team that has never had a human manager at all. These bots will have all players set to worthless form. The ground capacity is also set to 14000 and the pitch is green. The lineup for each match is random.

2. A Partial Bot - a team that has been managed by a user in the past, however has been turned into a bot due to the manager not logging in for 7 weeks. These bots retain the players the previous manager last had but they are set to worthless form. The ground capacity and pitch will also be the same as it was under the previous manager. Further to this the team lineup for each match will reflect the last default lineup the previous manager selected.

How do you know you are playing a bot team?
- they have no General Manager listed on their Pavilion (team) page.
- the team name is 'greyed out' on league and team fixture pages.