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Battrick » Beginners Guide

1. First Things First

A couple of recommendations to all new teams just starting out.

2. Make sure you read the site rules and understand them particularly those relating to your finances.
3. Have a read of this sticky and the related articles such as the newbie guides and training articles.
4. If you need clarification on something don't be afraid to post on the newbies board. It is better to be safe than sorry.
5. Once you understand the financial side of things such as how much coaches will cost you, backroom staff and their uses your ready to start your BT career.
6. Perhaps the most important thing to do is get a training program up and running. First read through the training articles that are linked to later in this sticky and read through the numerous training threads that are found on the newbie board.

2. Sledging Recommendations.

First of all, it's probably worth explaining that sledging is a cricketing term for banter on the pitch, and in Battrick, it's what we call our forums.

Image showing how to access the Sledging Rules
The Sledging Rules can be accessed by the dropdown on the Sledging page.

1. Read the game rules. Most of the answers to your questions will be found in the various sections of the rules.
2. Make sure you read the sledging rules so as not to incur the wrath of your fellow users and the admins! These can be found in the drop down menu on the left of the sledging page.
3. Only press the post message button ONCE. Your message will always be posted if you click the post message button no matter what error or timeout you may see. This avoids duplicate threads being posted.
4. To join new boards go to the drop down menu on the left (most likely displaying new messages) and select "All Boards". All the boards you have joined so far will be displayed on the left whilst on the right there will be a new drop down menu under the title "Join New Sledging Board". You can use this drop down menu to join new sledging boards.

3. Newbie Guides/Articles.

First thing you should do is join the Newbies Board where you can find answers to most questions you may have. To join the Newbie Board follow this procedure:

1. Use the drop down menu at the left of the sledging page. Select New Messages.
2. After selecting new messages a drop down menu "Join New Sledging Board" will appear in the centre of the page. Select "Other" from this menu.
3. After selecting "Others" a series of sledging boards will appear in the drop down menu. Select "Newbie Questions".
4. Click on the "Join Newbie Questions Sledging Board" link.
5. You have now joined the Newbie Questions Board.

There are a few Newbie Guides and articles floating around written by dedicated BT users. Here are a few:

Newbie Guide written by Galstaf

4. Help Sites.

The majority of BT help sites can be found in the Community -> Links section.

One of the more helpful sites is:

keggut's helpfile

6. Stadium Size and Proportions.

For all your stadium needs such as seating proportions, expected income, maintenance and more:

Jargon's Stadium Helper - (GM-Wombat's 2019 version)

7. FA's and PA's (Interest and Sponsors Income).

- To maximise your interest income based on your current balance and number of Financial Advisors:
Financial Advisors
- To maximise your sponsors income based on your member numbers and PR's:
PR Officers

8. Fixture List.

Useful for working out what fixtures you face next season depending on what position you finished, and for planning your finances:

*Please note that this article applies to OD matches only at the moment. A similar FC fixture article is yet to be compiled.

9. Arranging Friendlies.

Friendly requests are only permitted on the Friendlies Board in the weekly thread or in the "Official Friendly Thread" of your nation's sledging.

You can arrange a friendly in various ways:

a) Request a friendly in one of the aforementioned threads and wait for a challenge to arrive. Then simply accept the challenge.
b) Click on a user's name to be taken to their Pavilion. Once there, click on the Challenge to a Friendly link to arrange a match.
c) Look at online users page and choose a team there to challenge.

*See section 15 of the Rules for more information on Friendlies.

10. Abbreviations

BT - Battrick
PFL - Personal Fitness Level
TM - Team Morale or Transfer Market (depending on context)
TIE - Take It Easy
PAN - Play as Normal
GFI - Go For It
YP - Youth Pull
FA - Financial Advisor
ITS - Intensive Training Session
NRR - Net Run Rate
RRR - Required Run Rate
BTR - Battrick Rating (numerical representation of a players overall skill)
BT20 - Battrick's very own Twenty20 competition
OD - One Day Match.
FC - First Class (a match lasting up to 3 days)

11. FAQs

This is a list of frequently asked questions that previous newbies have asked. There is also a FAQ for the main game under the help menu

League Dates.

When does everything happen?
The league dates can be found under the Community -> Calendar menu.


What is FC?
First Class games are matches lasting up to 3 days. Each day 110 overs are played with teams allowed a maximum of two innings. For more information check the site rules under Competitions or Match Orders.

How do i achieve a result in FC? I.e. Win/Draw/Tie/Loss.

See the site rules


What is BT20? When does it occur?
BT20 is Battrick's very own Twenty20 competition. It is held every third week during the season and you compete in a global league.

U19/Nat Players.

I have a player who may be good enough for the U19/Nat side. What do I do?
Best thing to do would be to BT-mail the manager of either the U19 or Nat team your player is eligible for.

You can find out who the current national and U19 managers are by looking at the applicable squads from the country's home page.


My player's BTR has dropped despite receiving training? Is this a bug?
Your player has in all likelihood suffered a form drop. This may have been a visible drop (e.g. respectable to competent) or a drop in the sublevel of form (e.g. high competent to low competent). There has rarely been a bug in training.


Why has my player's form dropped despite playing/training this week?
Form is random. The only thing you can do to increase the chance of maintaining or increasing form is to have the player either train in the nets or play in a match during the week. Even if the player does one or both of these he may still drop in form. It's all down to luck.


How do you upload a logo to your team page?
To be able to upload a logo to your pavilion page you must have BT membership. Once you have purchased BT membership then follow the below procedure to upload your logo.

1. Find/create your logo.
2. Upload the logo to a hosting site such as
3. Copy the URL of the image.
4. Paste the URL into the relevant box on the Main ; Preferences page.
5. Make sure to enter your password to confirm the change

Bug Reports/Development Ideas.

How do I report a bug or raise an idea for development?
All bugs should be reported on the "Bug Reports" board whilst any development ideas should be posted on the "Dev Ideas" board. These boards can both be found in the "Other" section of the "Join New Sledging Board" drop down menu (see Section 1). Make sure you check the "Sticky Threads" on either forum to see if your bug/dev idea hasn't already been raised.

Bug Reports Sticky Thread - (36640)
Dev Ideas Sticky Thread - (28399)

Transfer Budget.

I have received a bid for one of my players who is on the transfer market. Can I use this money towards the purchase of another player?
Yes you can!

Transfer Taxes

Is there a tax on player transfers?
Yes, 5% of the total sale value is deducted from every player sale (this only affects the seller). For example - If a player is sold for 100K the buyer will pay the full amount (100K) however the seller will only receive 95% of the sale value (95K).

Player Ads/Valuation Requests.

Where can I advertise my player who is on the market? Where can I find out how much my player is worth?
Player Ads and valuation requests are only allowed on the Player Ads board in the relevant threads. Please note that player ads in any other sledging board or thread will be promptly deleted and can earn you a sledging ban or fine as per the Sledging Rules.


What are the effects of TIE/PAN/GFI?
*TIE - players will conserve energy in the match performing slightly below their potential. Taking It Easy in a match will decrease the PFL loss by around 30% (compared to a PAN).
*PAN - players will perform to their potential during the match and experience normal PFL losses.
*GFI - players will run themselves into the ground trying to win the match. As a result the PFL loss of the players will increase by about 50% (compared to a PAN).

Note that TIE/PAN/GFI can only be used in the OD, BT20 and Cup competitions.


How do I increase the secondaries of my players?
To increase the secondaries (concentration/consistency) of your players you MUST have at least 1 Sports Psychologist (SP) employed (most managers recommend 3-5 SPs for a new team). Then simply follow the below advice from keggut's helpfile:

Concentration training is only received if you are training batting, fielding or wicketkeeping.

If you wish to maximise concentration pops combine a Batting net with a fielding AND wicketkeeping net. The next best way is to combine a batting net with a fielding OR wicketkeeping net. The least concentration pops occur when a single net (batting or wk or fielding) is used on the player.

Consistency training is only received if you are training bowling, fielding or wicketkeeping.

If you wish to maximise consistency pops combine a Bowling net with a fielding AND wicketkeeping net. The next best way is to combine a Bowling net with a fielding OR wicketkeeping net. The least consistency pops occur when a single net (bowling or wicketkeeping or fielding) is used on the player.

Bot Teams.

What is a bot team and how do I recognise one?
A "bot team" is one not controlled by a human manager. A team is either created as a bot or has been turned into a bot after the previous manager failed to login after 7 weeks. There are two types of bot teams neither of which will have a General Manager when you visit the pavilion page:

1. A Complete Bot - a team that has never had a human manager at all. These bots will have all players set to worthless form. The ground capacity is also set to 14000 and the pitch is green. The lineup for each match is random.

2. A Partial Bot - a team that has been managed by a user in the past, however has been turned into a bot due to the manager not logging in for 7 weeks. These bots retain the players the previous manager last had but they are set to worthless form. The ground capacity and pitch will also be the same as it was under the previous manager. Further to this the team lineup for each match will reflect the last default lineup the previous manager selected.

How do you know you are playing a bot team?
- they have no General Manager listed on their Pavilion (team) page.
- the team name is 'greyed out' on league and team fixture pages.


What are the benefits/disadvantages of friendly matches?
Benefits to friendlies:
-A small amount of gate receipts.
-Another opportunity to help increase the chance a player will maintain or increase form.
-A chance to experiment with orders.
-Small experience gains.

Friendlies do not affect PFLs, Team Morale, Sponsors or Members Confidence. With no effect on members confidence there will be no effect on the number of members gained/lost during the week. Only competitive matches effect the members confidence of your club.

Dual Nationality.

How does a player gain dual nationality?
A player can gain dual nationality two ways:

1. The player is "born" with the dual nationality - i.e. they are pulled from the youth academy or allocated in a starting squad.
2. The player is eligible for dual nationality after 5 seasons playing in a different country with the same club. For example a Pakistan user purchases an Australian player from the transfer market. The player then plays 5 seasons with the team from Pakistan. The player is now eligible for dual nationality.

Once a player with dual nationality plays for any of the countries that they are eligible for, they will then take that country as their primary nationality and no longer be able to play for any other country.


Where can i find a mentor?
There are numerous mentoring services for BT managers. Numerous offsites run such a service whilst there are also a number of alliances (for those users with BT-membership) that offer mentoring. Check to see if your national offsite has a mentoring program (links to these offsites can be found in Community -> Links).

JFW also offers an excellent mentoring service -


I need help deciding who to train...
It is recommended that you read as many training articles and help sites as possible before you implement a training program.

For starters take a read of these articles:

Battrickpedia Training

As a general rule you should start by training players who are under the age of 20. Mediocre is about the minimum you should start with (the higher the skill the better).

*After reading the articles, take a look over the older training threads on the Newbie Board (click view older threads). If you still have some questions then open up a new thread on the Newbies board.

How do i create these fancy sledging links to players, threads and the like?
Sledging links are created by typing in the following "codes" in a post. Just replace the x's with the relevant numbers.

To link threads -> [threadID=xxxxx]
To link players -> [playerID=xxxxx]
To link teams/users -> [teamID=xxxxx]
To link leagues -> [leagueID=xxxxx]
To link matches -> [matchID=xxxxx]
To make hyper links for websites -> [LINK=]

Selling During a Match.

What happens if i sell one of my players during a match?
The player completes the entire match for your team before jetting off to join his new team.

Changing Details.

How do i change my team name/user name/ground name?
To change your ground name go to Club -> Ground. Down the bottom right you will see the "Change Ground Name" link under the "More Options" heading. The ground name can be changed by clicking on this link - note that there is a 5000 fee for every ground name change.

To change your team name you will need to wait until Week 1 of the new season. The name of your team can only be changed once a season for a cost of 50000. The option to change your team name appears on your Club -> Pavilion page for a limited time (approx one week).

To change your user name you will also need to wait until Week 1 of the new season. The option to change your user name can be found under Main -> Preferences. There is no cost to change your user name.