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Battrick » Membership Details

Our refund policy is as follows:

Subscription purchases (e.g. Membership) may be reversed and refunded at full value within seven days of purchase if the Customer is not satisfied with the product in question.

Subscription purchases that have not yet been taken into use (defined as the Customer not having logged in to his or her account) may be reversed and refunded at full value within one-month of purchase.

The Customer is entitled to a monetary refund of any subscription purchases if representatives of Battrick, or the Gamemasters refuse him or her access to Such a refusal may happen if the user has been found to violate the Battrick rules. In such a case, the locked user may request a monetary refund by contacting Battrick Customer Service ( Monetary refunds will be given at a value proportionate to the remaining time of the service in question and will be subject to a £4 administration charge.

Refunds can only be processed through PayPal to a valid PayPal account. Alternatively, a locked user may transfer his credit to another user or to count it towards a future team in, if permission to start a new team is given by the Gamemasters.