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Already at its young age, Battrick has spawned a variety of sites that provide useful information, tools, or simply just Battrick chat and articles. Please note that Battrick is not responsible for any of these sites or their content. If you feel that a worthy site that has been missed then please let us know via the Contact Us page.

Tools and Applications

Any tools used or downloaded from these external sites is done at your own risk. They are "third-party" and may or may not reflect correct values as used in the Battrick game; they should NOT be taken as correct over what the game itself shows!

NameShort description
AtStumpsAn offline Battrick Manager, for tracking of player training, matches as well as additional tools to help manage your side.
BatmanAn exceptional tool to help track training, nets etc. (The original site is gone but this link will take you to an archive version of the original site).
BatStatsFC, OD and BT20 end of season promotion tables.
Jargon's Stadium HelperJargon's very popular and useful Stadium Helper tool. Use this tool to work out when to expand your ground, by how much, and how much it will cost.
WombatNetGM-Wombat's website with links to useful tools and spreadsheets.

Help / Fan Sites

Some users are happy to share information they've picked up or discovered themselves on their own website.

NameShort description
Badgers Cricket ClubOtherwise known as the Battrick Real Life Cricket team, is a site to help arrange and set up the Badgers' tour of the UK to meet other Battrickers with a game of ..... yep - Cricket!
Battrick Helpfile (keggut)The helpfile contains vital info, useful links, as well as hints and tips for both newbie's and experienced users alike. (The site originally developed and maintained by keggut has closed, but all of the content can be found here).
Battrick LeagueA community aimed at helping to promote your team, set up Sunday leagues and have a home for your team to record your records and statistics.
Battrick TrainingTBennett93's training guide
Battrick WikiA wiki for all Battrick users to look up information, contribute their own tips and be a central place for downloadable tools and resources.
PlanetCricket Battrick ForumFairly active and has quite a few useful members who are willing to help new and old members with any questions they have.
Sundance Battrick ResourcesPitch change helper and link to Jargon's workbook (Stadium, Financial Advisor and Press Officer help and calcualtions)
The Straight BatWest Indies news Blog
WebRev Review (YouTube)YouTube video review and tutorial. Walks through all the main sections of the site - useful information for new users.

National Off-site Forums and Databases

Links to the National Team off-site forums.

NameShort description
Battrick AustraliaOff-site forums, Resources and National team database for Australia
Battrick BangladeshOff-site forums and National team database for Bangladesh
Battrick EnglandOff-site forums and National team database for England
Battrick IndiaOff-site forums and National team database for India
Battrick New ZealandOff-site forums and National team database for New Zealand
Battrick PakistanOff-site forums and National team database for Pakistan
Battrick ScotlandOff-site forum
Battrick South AfricaOff-site forums and National team database for South Africa
Battrick Sri LankaOff-site forums and National team database for Sri Lanka
Battrick United States of AmericaOff-site forums and National team database for United States of America
Battrick West IndiesOff-site forums and National team database for West Indies
Battrick ZimbabweOff-site forums and National team database for Zimbabwe

Partner and Other Related Sites

Some other sites that you may be interested in.

NameShort description
Backward PointThe creator of Battrick now brings you Backward Point, a cricketing website that publishes the view of you, the everyday cricket fan. We pride ourselves on being the man on the street, not the man in the commentary box.
Barmy ArmyThe Barmy Army is England's unofficial 12th man, supporting their team like no other fans everywhere from Pakistan to Perth. Being a Barmy Army member is about as addictive as Battrick.
Bharat ArmyBharat Army looks forward to providing a more committed and positive voice in support of the Indian team. We create and coordinate a true supporting force. Our identity will be recognised globally and synonymous with good fun, passion and commitment.
HattrickAn online football management game that was the inspiration behind Battrick. Well worth visiting and joining up.
Online Game ReviewOGR contains reviews and ratings for browser based games. Write a review and rate your favorite games here and check reviews from other players. Reviews are wanted for strategy, war, RPG and any similar game that you can play in a browser.


Some cricket blogs that we like and hope you will too! These blogs are not actively monitored by the BT staff - if you find anything inappropriate on them, please let us know using the Contact Us form.

NameShort description
BT India BlogazineBt India Community's very own online magazine or rather blogazine!
Caribbean CricketThe independent voice of West Indies cricket
Surrey Cricket BlogOne cricket nerd's means by which to vent his frustrations at Surrey, England and cricket in general.
The's weekly glance at the world of cricket
View from the BoundaryA Battrick player types out his views on real-life cricket

General Cricket

These sites are a portal to the world of real life cricket giving you all the cricket coverage that you could wish for.

NameShort description
CricinfoThe premier site for cricket information on the web. Contains on screen text commentary as per Battrick for all major matches, as well as a massive archive of matches and stats.
ECBThe English Cricket Boards home site. Has links to many cricketing clubs around the UK.
ICCThe ICC are the international governing body for the game of cricket. Loads of information here.
LordsA good site about cricket including the definitive laws of the game.