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Battrick » Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Information

Official Channels

The official Battrick channels can be found on the netgamers server.


This is the main official channel where you are free to mingle and chat to other users as you see fit. As this is the official Channels we do have to maintain an element of order and so the following rules apply:

  • Do not use it to report cheating — contact the GMs instead
  • Do not use it to report bugs — use the bugs sledging board instead
  • No spam, i.e. multiple posting of the same message
  • No racist or personal attacks, attacks on a specific nation or religion
  • Keep political and religious discussions to a minimum. There are other channels available for this
  • Keep swearing or use of profane language to an absolute minimum
  • Do not ask for help with illegal software (piracy) or CD-keys to such games or software
  • Do not promote criminal activities or use of illegal goods or substances, i.e. drugs
  • Do not discuss decisions taken by GMs and/or moderators.
  • Do not excessively use CAPITAL letters; it is considered shouting and is not tolerated
  • Do not harass members of the BT Team - you may ask questions but if they decline to answer please respect this
  • Do not request to be given voice or made an op unless absolutely necessary; it will only be given to those who need it.

Although we will moderate the channel in line with the above rules this is no substitute for parental supervision of minors' use of this facility.

There are currently six channel ops (operators) for this channel. Please show them the appropriate degree of respect, including those not members of the BT Team. They are:

  • BT-Jargon
  • GM-rascal-the-cat
  • MOD-Davis88
  • Aer
  • Brylarke
  • karl_w_w

Important: By joining the channel you are agreeing to the above rules. Failure to comply with these rules may result in both IRC and in-game penalties.


This channel is designated for occasional special events we will be holding including Question and Answer (Q & A) Sessions with the BT-Team. The channel is permanently switched on for moderation (i.e. voice "+" is required to speak) and is not for idling. All the rules for #battrick apply here too.