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Battrick » Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Information

Getting Started

IRC is completely free to use but you do need to download a client. Probably the most commonly used, and the one we recommend for using to get start on IRC, is mIRC. However once you feel more adept there are a massive number of clients to choose from.

Once you have downloaded and installed mIRC open it and click the icon below "File" which appears to have two lightning bolts on it. This is the connect button, but as you haven't yet entered a username, a window will pop up asking you to do so. Please be aware when entering your real name that anybody can see it using a simple command called "whois", so if you would rather remain anonymous leave it blank.

After you have entered your names click "Servers" in the left hand side. Once on that page go to the "IRC Network" drop down box, select "netgamers" and then click ok.

Now click the Connect button again and you should see a flurry of text appear in the main window as you connect to the Netgamers server; do not close this window or you will be disconnected! Once that has stopped you then need to type "/join #battrick" in the text entry bar underneath the main window.

Another window should now pop up showing the official Battrick channel. Congratulations on making a start on IRC! :o)